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Easy Access with Templates II: Modify a database

Stationery store graphic

Modify a database created for a stationery store

In the first course in this series, "Easy Access with Templates I: Create a database," you created a database from a template to track customers at a stationery store. Because you used a template, the database already has a table, forms, and reports. The table has columns, which are called fields, and rows, which are called records.

The store owner is happy with the new database. But, as she's explored it a bit, she's decided that she wants a few changes. In this course, you'll see how to make a few common modifications.

The Contacts database has a field called “Mobile Phone”. The owner prefers that mobile phones are called wireless phones. So, you'll modify a field name to reflect this preference.

Also, the owner prefers to address her customers with an honorific, such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss or Doctor. But this field isn't included in this database. You'll add a field in a table, and then modify a form to include the new field.

All employees use a form to enter information about new customers into the database. The owner wants to emphasize that the database is for customers, so you'll change the title of the form from "Contacts" to "Customers".

You'll try out these changes in the practice session at the end of the lesson.

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