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Queries VI: Use wildcards in queries and parameters

Using the hyphen in a query

To match a range of characters, you use the hyphen wildcard. For example, you use the hyphen to find company names that start with the letters A through H.

The picture shows you some examples. Remember to surround your letter or number range with square brackets.

Callout 1 This criteria finds A1, A2, and A3.
Callout 2 This criteria returns the words ball and bell.
Callout 3 This criteria returns all company names that start with A through H. Notice how this expression also uses the asterisk as a wildcard for the rest of the field. That allows you to find all records that start with A through H.

When you use the hyphen wildcard, remember one thing: Your ranges must be in ascending order, such as A through Z or 1 through 20. If you use descending order, your query won't return any data.

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