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HTML Tables III: Design a page with layout tables

Layout table with table tag label, layout cell with td tag label, and spacer cell with td tag label

The parts of a layout table use HTML tags that you are already familiar with.

We should be very clear: Layout tables are HTML tables. In the code, a layout table is represented by a <table> tag, a layout cell is represented by a <td> tag, and a spacer cell is represented by <td> as well. Just as you'd expect. It's standard HTML code, which browsers have supported for years.

The only difference in the code is that FrontPage puts comments like this into layout table code:


These comments tell FrontPage which tables are layout tables versus regular ones that aren't used for layout. They also allow FrontPage to provide you with the benefits we just mentioned (the width and height tabs, the ability to resize and position cells, and the Cell Formatting task pane).

Note    These comments don't affect the display of the page in the browser.

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