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Animations I: Preset and custom animation

Items in the Custom Animation task pane list that show picture effects following text effects

Effects in the task pane list with pictures entering after text and then exiting.
Callout 1 The first bulleted list item, "Capitol Reef," enters with a mouse click and is accompanied by a picture.
Callout 2 As the next bulleted item, "Canyonlands," is clicked to enter, the first picture exits (note the red stars). The supporting picture for "Canyonlands" comes in next.
Callout 3 And the process repeats: as the last bulleted list item, "Natural Bridges," appears, the second picture exits; the "Natural Bridges" picture follows.

Exit effects let you replace one thing on a slide with something else, augmenting the available space on the slide. A typical scenario is to follow one bullet-point of text with a supporting picture, which exits with the next bullet point's entrance, which in turn is followed by its own picture.

The example on the left gives an idea of this sequence.

  • First bullet enters the slide and its picture enters under it.
  • Second bullet enters while the first picture exits, and then the second picture enters.
  • Third bullet enters while the second picture exits, and then the third picture enters.

And so on.

To create the sequence, you'd apply the text effects first, then apply the picture effects, one by one, to each picture and order them in the task pane effects list. For the effects that are set to play simultaneously (With Previous), you can alter their speeds to make them a tad sequential. You'll go through these steps in the practice session.

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