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Create your own template

Slide master view and command to open it

Callout 1 To open master view, point to Master on the View menu, and then click Slide Master.
Callout 2 In master view, a thumbnail of the slide master appears in the upper left.
Callout 3 The slide master is displayed in the slide pane, ready for you to make changes to it.

So to create your template, what are the steps, exactly?

You open a new, blank presentation (New button, Standard toolbar). The first thing to do is go to master view by using the View menu.

As the picture shows, this view is similar to normal view, including a pane on the left with a slide thumbnail and a main slide area. The thumbnail represents the slide master. The master itself is in full view, ready for you to work on, in the slide pane.

In the remainder of this lesson, you'll learn how to change two aspects of the master: font and layout. In Lesson 2, you'll see how to make changes to the color scheme and background and how to add a piece of art.

Note    If you had several slides in the show and you had applied various design templates to different groups of slides, you'd see masters for all those templates represented by thumbnails in the left pane in master view. You could click any thumbnail to make changes to that master, and by doing so change all the slides that are based on it.

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