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PivotTable I: What's so great about PivotTable reports?

Satisfied figure when patterns emerge

Answer different questions by arranging different PivotTable reports.

Creating a PivotTable report is about moving pieces of information around to see how they fit together. Not satisfied with the first report? It takes a couple of seconds to pivot rows and columns into a different arrangement, a bit like turning a kaleidoscope to see different patterns.

PivotTable reports do so much to make data manageable, it's enough to make your head spin, but you don't have to worry about arranging a report in the "wrong" way. Move the data around again and again, to get as many clear answers as you have questions.

So you can move in a second from a report that lists sales by salesperson, to a report listing sales by country, or how salespeople are ranked by order amounts—it's like turning a mob into a marching band.

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