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Use mail merge for mass mailings and more

Mail Merge task pane, Select document type step

To open the the Mail Merge task pane, go to the Tools menu, point to Letters and Mailings, and then click Mail Merge. Note: If you have fax support set up on your computer and a fax modem installed, you'll also see Faxes listed as a document type in the task pane.

To perform a mail merge, the first step is to start Word, and then open the Mail Merge task pane. The task pane leads you through the steps to complete a merge.

The task pane opens with a question. It wants to know what type of document you want to merge information into. In the example on the left, Envelopes is selected.

You move through the mail merge process by clicking Next links at the bottom of the task pane. If you need to back up a step, click the Previous link.

Note     You can also use the Mail Merge toolbar to perform a mail merge. However, until you're pretty familiar with the process, it's better to stick with the task pane. You'll learn more about the toolbar later in this course.

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