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Office Open XML I: Exploring the Office Open XML Formats

Contents of word folder in ZIP package of blank, new Word 2007 document

The image shown here displays the contents of the word folder in the ZIP package of a blank, new Word 2007 (.docx) document.

When you open the main document folder in an Office Open XML ZIP Package, such as the example shown in the picture for the word folder within a Word 2007 document ZIP package, you are likely to see several XML parts and additional folders.

  • This folder contains its own _rels folder, which contains the file document.xml.rels. That file contains the relationships for the XML parts you see here (such as document.xml and fontTable.xml). This folder may also contain additional .rels files, depending on the content of the particular document.
  • The theme folder you see here contains the definition of the document theme used in this document, including theme colors, theme fonts, and theme effects.
  • The XML parts you see here vary by file type. Documents you create in Word 2007 always have the XML parts shown here and may contain others depending on the document content (such as a part for each header or footer, or one for comments).
  • The word folder may contain other folders as well, depending on file content. For example, if your file contains pictures, you'll see a media folder that contains each image in the document stored as a separate picture file.
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