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Excel statistical functions

Use Excel to handle statistics
Learn about using statistical functions and formulas in Microsoft Office Excel 2003, from the very basics to choosing the right function for you. Learn also how to troubleshoot common problems.

About this course

This course includes:

  • Three self-paced lessons and three practice sessions for hands-on experience.
  • A short test at the end of each lesson; tests are not scored.
  • A Quick Reference Card you can take away from the course.


After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Use a statistical function in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Assess which statistical function to use in a particular situation.
  • Avoid some common errors when using functions.
  • Understand why some statistical formula results are more accurate in Excel 2003.

Whether you're seeking some basic information about using statistical functions in Excel, or you're a statistics expert and are wondering why you're getting more accurate results in Excel 2003, this course has something for you.

If you're a novice, you'll find out the basics of building formulas in Excel. More experienced users will learn more about choosing the right function to use and how to troubleshoot some common problems.

To learn more about this course, read the overview in the center of this page or the table of contents in the left column.

When you're done reading this page, click Next to start the first lesson.

You should have some basic knowledge of using formulas in Excel. The course Find functions and enter arguments can show you the basics.

If you're an Excel expert, you might prefer to jump straight to Lesson 3 to read about some improvements to statistical formulas in Excel 2003.

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