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Get to know Visio

This animation shows you how to drag shapes onto the page.

As we just mentioned, after you choose a template, the drawing page appears blank. This is different from templates in many other programs. For example, when you choose a template in Microsoft Office Word, it opens with text, styles, and other items ready for your use.

But in a Visio template, shapes appear to the left of the empty drawing page—waiting for you to drag them onto the page yourself. Click Play to see this process in action.

Note     There are a few exceptions to the rule of a drawing page appearing blank after you choose a template. For example, if you choose the Cause and Effect template, the page starts out with shapes on it. There are also downloadable Visio templates on the Microsoft Office Online Web site that begin with shapes on the page. But these are exceptions—most Visio templates don't start with shapes on the page.

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