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PerformancePoint Monitoring and Analytics: Dashboard basics I

Help menu for Web Part with circle around it

The Web Part menu

We've said that dashboards contain Web Parts. The picture shows a scorecard Web Part. It also shows the Web Part menu.

Each Web Part has its own menu that enables you to perform additional tasks related to that Web Part. This menu is easy to miss. We’ve shown how to access it in the picture: you click the small arrow inside the circle (you won't see the circle in a real dashboard…we've added it to the picture to make the triangle easy to see).

The commands on the menu will tell you some things you can do with the Web Part. For example, notice that the menu we've shown includes the Export to Excel command. Not all Web Parts will have this option because not all dashboard items can be exported to Excel.

One other thing that you'll see on the Web Part menu is a Help command. If you're not connected to the Internet, the Help command is a good place to look for information about what a particular Web Part does. However, for the most current Help information, you can look online; we've included links to current Help in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course.

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