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Prepare a publication for commercial printing

4-4 Disable a Design Checker Check

Callout 1 Click the arrow on the right of the item listed in the Design Checker task pane.
Callout 2 Click Never Run this Check Again.

There may be some checks that you don't want to keep running. This may be the case if you intend the situation the check is calling attention to. For example, you may want to have blank space below the top margin, so you may want to disable the check to prevent the Design Checker from listing it as a problem.

When you disable a check, you stop the Design Checker from running it in all cases. In other words, you can't disable a check for a specific instance; it's all or nothing.

You can also disable a check in the Design Checker Options dialog box. To do this:

  1. Click Design checker options at the bottom of the Design Checker task pane.
  2. Click the Checks tab.
  3. Clear the check box next to any check you want disabled.

Once you disable a check by either method, you can only enable it again by selecting it in the Checks tab of the Design Checker Options dialog box.

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