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Forms II: Use subforms

Expand the subform control inside a form to see more data

Callout 1 If you can't easily see the data in the subform…
Callout 2 …you can easily make the subform control big enough for its data.

When you create a subform by using a wizard, the wizard offers you options for the subform layout and style, and a chance to revise the design you choose. But what if you want to change the subform design a few minutes — or months — later on? Access puts you in charge.

For example, suppose you change the view of a subform from Datasheet view to Continuous Forms view. (How do you do that? See the previous lesson.) The subform has six fields, and in Datasheet view you can see all six. But in Continuous Forms view, you can see only four. To see all the fields, you need to increase the width of the subform control on the main form.

To do that, you open the form in Design view, click the edge of the subform control, and drag the control wider. (To work on controls in the subform, you can get more by right-clicking the subform control and selecting Subform in New Window.) To view your changes as users will see them, switch to Form view.

Note     For more on customizing, see the lesson Customize the appearance of controls.

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