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PivotTable I: What's so great about PivotTable reports?

Drag fields from the field list to the PivotTable layout area

Callout 1 Drag the Salesperson field onto the layout area for rows to display each salesperson's name on one row apiece.
Callout 2 Then drag the Order Amount field to the Drop Data Items Here layout area to see the sales amounts for each salesperson.

Now it's time to put the pieces together. Say that your first question is: How much has each salesperson sold? To find out the answer, you would use two of the fields on the field list: the Salesperson field to display the names of the salespeople, and the Order Amount field to display the amount that each person sold.

After deciding which fields to use, you would decide where to drop each field. To display each salesperson's name on its own row, you would drag the Salesperson field to the drop area labeled Drop Row Fields Here. When you dropped the Salesperson field, the names would show up on the layout.

To see the sales amount for each person, you would drag the Order Amount field into the area labeled Drop Data Items Here. The Data Items drop area is where you would usually drop data containing numbers, because Excel automatically adds up numbers in this area. The totals then appear in your PivotTable report. When you dropped the Order Amount field into the data drop area, the colored outline would disappear, and you would see the report view.

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