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Get started designing your own professional publications

Click Play to see an animated example of a text box being created and text being typed into it.

Even when you base your own publication on one of the predesigned publications in Publisher, you may want to add an entirely new block of text.

In the animation, we've shown the basic steps you follow to add a new text box.

  1. Click the Text Box tool on the Objects toolbar. (By default, when you open Publisher, the Objects toolbar extends vertically along the left side of the Publisher window.)
  2. Drag to create a rectangle on the page.
  3. Type your text in the resulting text box (surrounded by round handles).

Don't worry about where you place a text box when you first create it, or what size it is. You can move the text box anywhere you want on (or off) the page, and you can change its size at any time. We've included specific instructions for modifying a text box in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course.

Tip    When you resize a text box, some of the text may no longer fit inside it. To have Publisher automatically change text size so it all remains visible as you resize text boxes in your publication, point to AutoFit Text on the Format menu, and then click Best Fit.

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