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Create forms for a new Access 2007 database

Steps for creating a split form

Split forms are a new feature that can make it easier to view, enter, and change single records or large amounts of data. A split form combines a form with a datasheet. If you only need to enter or change a single record, use the form. If you need to enter or view a lot of data, use the datasheet.

Callout 1 In the Navigation Pane, select the table or query that you want to use as the data source for the split form.
Callout 2 Click the Create tab, and in the Forms group, click Split Form. Access creates the new form and opens it in Layout view, which gives you a chance to change it.
Callout 3 Optionally, change your form. For example, you can easily resize the controls by clicking and dragging.

Note     You may need to use Design view to change some of the properties of a split form, and links in the Quick Reference Card take you to more information.

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