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Create forms for a new Access 2007 database

Steps for using the Form Wizard

You use the Form Wizard when you want more control over a form than the other tools provide. For example, the Form Wizard allows you to group and sort the fields in the form. It also allows you to use fields from more than one table or query.

Callout 1 On the Create tab, in the Forms group, click More Forms, then click Form Wizard.
Callout 2 Use the first screen of the wizard to select the tables, queries, and fields that serve as the data sources for your form. Remember that if you use multiple data sources, they must participate in a relationship.
Callout 3 On the second screen of the wizard, select a layout, such as tabular or stacked.
Callout 4 On the third screen, select a style. You can preview each style by clicking it and seeing the results in the left-hand pane.
Callout 5 On the fourth screen, give your form a name and click Finish.
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