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SharePoint calendars II: Connect a SharePoint calendar to Outlook

Animation showing how to copy an entry from the private calendar to the shared calendar.

You've seen that in Outlook you can view two calendars at once: your personal work calendar, which isn't visible on the SharePoint site, and the public calendar, which is. So what if you have an appointment or event that you want to appear in both calendars? Do you have to create that appointment twice? Happily, the answer is not really — because it's easy to create a copy.

Why would you want an appointment to appear in both calendars? Most likely to ease scheduling. For example, suppose that people at your company post their vacation schedules to a calendar on a SharePoint team site. That way, everyone can see at a glance who is in and who is out. You'd want your own vacation posted there, but you would also want it in your own calendar so that you don't accidentally schedule anything work-related during your vacation.

While it is possible to drag an item between the two calendars, we don't recommend that method. Why? Because it's too easy to drop something in the wrong place accidentally.

To copy an item from your own calendar to the SharePoint calendar, the best method is to select it, click Copy to Folder on the Edit menu, and select the shared calendar in the SharePoint Lists folder as the destination. It sounds a bit complex, but it's not really — and you'll find the complete steps in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course. To see an example of the process, click Play above the illustration.

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