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Print large drawings and get the results you want

Page setup dialog box and drawings showing less and more content overlap

In print preview, content that falls on the thick gray lines is the content that will print twice, once on each adjoining page.
Callout 1 This shows content overlap with margins of .25 inches.
Callout 2 When we increase the margins to .50 inches, more content overlaps.

To assemble the entire drawing after printing it across multiple regular size pages, you match up adjoining pages. To make matching up as easy as possible, you can control the amount of content overlap between pages.

You control content overlap by changing the size of the drawing's margins. To increase the overlap, increase margin size.

To change margin sizes, you would click Setup on the Print Setup tab in the Page Setup dialog box. You'll get a chance to try this in the practice session that's coming up.

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