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Use mail merge for mass mailings and more

Mail Merge task pane, Select recipients step

Select recipients means choose the data file (called a list here) that you want to connect to.

In this step, you connect to the data file where the unique information you want to merge into your documents is stored.

You have three options. You can:

  • Use an existing list: If you already have a data file that contains the information you want to merge, select this option. Then, click the Browse link in the task pane to locate and open that file.
  • Select from Outlook contacts: If you want to use your Outlook Contacts list as your data file, select this option. Then, click the Choose Contacts Folder link to locate and open the correct Contacts list folder.

Tip     See the course So that's how! Great Outlook features to organize your contacts for more information on Outlook contacts.

  • Type a new list: If you don't have an appropriate data file and want to create one, select this option. For more details about creating your own data file, see the previous lesson in this course.

Tip     During the mail merge process, when you connect to the data file you want to use in the merge, Word looks first for the file in a folder called My Data Sources in your My Documents folder. It's probably most convenient, therefore, to store your data files there. But, you can connect to any data file in any location on your computer or on a server.

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