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Use mail merge for mass mailings and more

Mail Merge task pane, Select starting document step

This is how the task pane looks when you start the mail merge process from a blank document or any document not in envelope format. To choose an envelope format, as well as fonts for the return and delivery addresses, click the Envelope options link.

In the previous step you selected the type of document you're creating (envelopes). The second step is to choose the main document, that is, the starting document you want to use to set up your envelopes. The options you see in the task pane vary according to the type of document you selected in the first step.

The options for envelopes are shown on the left.

  • Use the current document: Current document means the document currently open on your screen. If you'd opened an envelope document and then opened the Mail Merge task pane, you'd use this option. Since you started with a blank document, however, which is not in envelope format, this option isn't available.
  • Change document layout: This option is selected because a blank document was open when you opened the Mail Merge task pane. You want to change the open blank document to an envelope document. After you click the Envelope options link and choose the envelope size and other options you want, the envelope document replaces the blank document.
  • Start from existing document: If you have a previously saved envelope document that you want to use for the mail merge, but you started out with a blank document, select this option to replace the blank document with your envelope document.

Tip     For some document types, such as letters, faxes, or directories, you'll see a Start from a template option in the task pane. Choose this option if you want to start from one of the many pre-designed templates available in Word or the hundreds of templates available on Microsoft Office Online.

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