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Get to know Visio

Three-step flowchart

A flowchart.

Okay, now back to what you can do in Visio. One of the most popular uses of Visio is to illustrate business processes. Diagrams for business processes can be found in both Visio Standard and Visio Professional. An example is shown here. This one is a flowchart that explains a company's pharmaceutical development process.

Creating a diagram like this one is pretty easy. The shapes (in this example, the rectangles in the flowchart) are already made for you. All you have to do is drag them into place, type some text, and resize them a little.

Something else to point out: The lines connecting shapes are called connectors. Connectors are easily glued to the shapes. When a shape moves, the connector moves as well.

We'll show you some basics of how to work with shapes and connectors later in the course.

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