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PivotTable I: What's so great about PivotTable reports?

Figure asking questions to get data under control

Get data under control by determining what you want to know.

You decide what data you want analyzed, and how to organize it. Instead of a single arbitrary form that doesn't really suit your needs, each PivotTable report gives you a different view of your data, answering your questions on the spot, and is customized to your purposes.

To compare facts, to find their meanings, begin by asking questions. Do you need to know sales totals by region, by salesperson, by quarter, or by month? Would your business do better if your best people sold only top products? Or would that mean whole product lines with no revenue?

Once you have your questions in mind, Excel makes it easy to get answers. First, it brings you a wizard to prepare the data for a new view. Next, you drag and drop the data from your sales-figure list into a new PivotTable report view.

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