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Use mail merge for mass mailings and more

Address block link in Mail Merge task pane and Insert Address Block dialog box

Callout 1 Click the Address block link in the Mail Merge task pane to add a composite «AddressBlock» field to your document.
Callout 2 The Insert Address Block dialog box opens, where you have an opportunity to specify address elements, and the format for the recipient's name.
Callout 3 If you're sending international mail, leave the Format address according to the destination country/region box checked to ensure that the address will be formatted correctly.
Callout 4 To avoid errors in the address block, click Match Fields to manually match columns from your data file with address elements in the «AddressBlock» field.

Arranging the main document means putting content into the document. That content consists of:

  • Information that stays the same in each merged copy.
  • Fields (placeholders) for the information that is unique in each merged copy.

For an envelope, the information that stays the same is the return address you type in the upper left corner of the main document. The unique information is the delivery address you add towards the middle of the document.

The quickest way to add address fields is to click the Address block link in the Mail Merge task pane. Clicking that link adds a pre-designed «AddressBlock» field to the envelope.

The «AddressBlock» field is a compilation of other fields, such as First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, and Postal Code. You might need to match up columns from your data file with these fields (you'll get a chance to try this during the practice session that's coming up).

Tip     You can assemble your own address block if you prefer. Click the More items link in the Mail Merge task pane to open the Insert Merge Field dialog box, where, with the Database Fields option selected, you see a list of the column headings in your data file. You can insert any of these into your main document as a field.

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