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XML: What's it all about?

The parts of a sample transform

Callout 1 One set of tags builds a table on a Web page.
Callout 2 One declaration brings XML data into the table.
Callout 3 Each table cell shows a specific piece of data.

Like schemas, transforms are XML files, and they must conform to the rules for well-formed XML. Transforms can also be extremely complex, and writing them is a job for professionals. Again, however, it will help you get the results you want if you know enough about transforms to help in planning them. The illustration shows part of a transform that writes data from the <CAT> file, discussed in previous lessons, into a table on a Web page.

This example shows just one way to write a transform. A transform used to convert data into a document or a diagram would contain tags specific to the program and the display context.

In case you were wondering, Extensible Style Sheet Language isn't a language separate from XML. It's a vocabulary of XML. A transform is just another XML document.

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