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Easy Access with Templates II: Modify a database

Add a field to a table in datasheet view  by selecting a column, pointing to the Datasheet tab and clicking Insert in the Fields and Columns group

Adding a field to a table.

Now, you're ready to add a new field for Mr., Ms., Mrs., and other honorifics. You'll begin at the Contacts table, which is already open.

As shown in the picture,

Callout 1 On the Home tab, click View, and then click Datasheet View.
Callout 2 Tell Access where you want the new field by clicking a field heading to select it. Access will insert the new field to the left of the field you've selected.
Callout 3 Click the Datasheet tab.
Callout 4 Click Insert, then type the field name by double-clicking the field name and typing "Title".

Because you changed an underlying structure of a table, you need to save this change. Click the Microsoft Office Button and then click Save. Now you're ready to add that same field to a form.

Note     You can also delete fields from a table. The Delete command is right below the Insert command. Deleting a field has far more implications than adding a field. See the Quick Reference Card for details.

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