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Get to know Visio

New button, Shapes window, Search for shapes box

The New button behaves a little differently in Visio than in other Office programs.

You're probably used to clicking the New button Button image in various programs to quickly open a new document or file. In Visio, things are a bit different. The Visio New button can behave in several useful ways.

Start without a template     If you don't have any diagrams open, clicking the New button will open a new drawing page with no associated template. You can then search for shapes in the Shapes window, as the illustration shows. Remember, however, that because your diagram is not based on a template, you will not get template-specific menus, or toolbars. And you may not get smart shape features that depend on a template.

Borrow a template     If you have a diagram open that is based on a template, clicking the New button will open a new drawing page that is based on that same template. For example, if you had an organization chart open, the Organization Chart menu, toolbar, and stencils would appear for the new page too. You'd also get smart shape features for Executive, Manager, and Position shapes.

Pick a template     You can see in the illustration that the New button has a small arrow on it. If you click that arrow, you'll see the same list of templates that you worked with earlier in this course. Choose a template from that list, and you'll get a new drawing page based on that template.

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