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All of the templates on Office.com can be rated by anyone who looks at them. When you browse or search for templates on Office.com, you can see the average rating—between one and five stars—that each template has been given by other users, and also how many times the template has been downloaded by other users. This can help you to judge how useful a template is likely to be, and help you decide whether to download it. You can also leave your own ratings, to let the template owner and other Office.com users know what you thought of the template.

Rate a template

Users can give any template on Office.com a rating between one and five stars, and the average rating is displayed on the template’s preview page. To view a template’s average rating, or add your own rating:

  1. Visit Office.com, and then click the Templates tab.
  2. Browse or search the template library for the template that you want.
  3. In your list of results, click the template to open its preview page.
  4. Under Details, the number of times the template has been downloaded is displayed, along with the number of ratings and the template’s average rating, displayed graphically. To add your own rating, point to the stars next to Rating, and then click the number of stars you want to award the template, with one star being the worst rating, and five stars the best.

 Note    You can view a template’s average rating from within its Office 2010 program by clicking the File tab and then clicking New, but you can’t award a rating to template from within Office 2010.

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Applies to:
Excel 2010, OneNote 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Publisher 2010, Word 2010