Quick reference guide for creating Word 2007 templates

Use the guidelines provided in the table below to help ensure that any Microsoft Office Word 2007 templates you create are ready for submission to the Microsoft Office Online Templates web site. To learn more about how to create, test, and save Word templates, see:

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Item Guidelines
  • Placeholder and sample text are used consistently within the template and meet legal naming guidelines
  • All text is formatted using styles that are associated with theme fonts and colors and that contain appropriate indent and spacing settings
  • The template title meets the Office Online web site requirements
  • Spelling and grammar are correct
  • Track Changes is turned off
Images and objects
  • All pictures and photos have alt text
  • All shapes and AutoShapes are associated with theme colors and styles
  • Any building blocks used in the template are added to the Quick Parts Gallery or to the appropriate Building Blocks Gallery and are saved to the template file itself; otherwise, the building blocks will not appear in the published template
  • For tables, heading rows are set to repeat, if appropriate to the design and if text can flow across more than one page
  • Margins are set to no less than 0.4'' and no objects or elements exceed or overlap with the margins
  • Text boxes, tables, pictures, and shapes are formatted to be relative to the page and are formatted to flow or to not flow contents, as appropriate
  • The template is saved in Print Layout view in a maximized window
  • Zoom is set to 100% (or whatever setting best displays the template contents for editing); for letters, zoom is set to Page Width
  • Formatting marks are turned off
  • The Styles window is configured to show styles that are in use only and the styles are applied to new documents based on the template
  • Styles that you created or modified but didn't use and any manual spaces, paragraph marks, and page breaks are deleted
File format
  • The file name does not exceed the 12.4 naming convention and contains no special characters
  • The file is saved using the appropriate format: DOTX, DOTM for templates containing macros, or DOCX (for building block templates only)
Applies to:
Word 2007