Make a splash with an animated presentation

Catch your audience's attention with beautifully designed animations from Animation Factory that add interest and action to your presentation. To get started, click an image below and download a presentation.

 Important   To ensure the animation will work, remember to save the template, along with any edited versions of the presentation that you create, in the same folder as the animation files (.swf files) for that template. The presentation template and animation files are packaged together so you can choose where to save them on your computer.

ShowTo save and use an animated template

  1. Click the presentation you want to download.
  2. When you’re prompted to open or save the .zip presentation file, click Save.
  3. Browse to the location on your computer where you want to work with the presentation, and click Save again.
  4. In the folder where you saved the .zip file, right-click the folder name and then click Extract All. The presentation files will be extracted to a new, unzipped folder in the same location on your computer.
  5. Open the unzipped folder, if you didn’t choose to have it open automatically in Step 4, and then open the presentation (.ppt file).
  6. Before you view or modify the presentation, check for a security warning just below the PowerPoint 2007 Ribbon: Security warning
  7. To enable the presentation’s animation, click Options, click Enable this content, and then click OK.
  8. To see the animation in action, preview the presentation by pressing F5 or, on the SlideShow tab of the Ribbon, clicking From Beginning.

 Note   If you need additional help downloading or using an animated template, a readme file containing helpful information will be saved in your unzipped presentation folder. The presentation itself also contains troubleshooting information on the last 2 slides.