Using the Save as Daisy add-in for Word

The Open XML to DAISY XML Translator add-in for Microsoft Office Word 2010 helps content creators produce accessible documents for people who have visual disabilities. Installing this add-in allows Word documents in Open XML format to be saved into DAISY XML, which can then be converted into DAISY Digital Talking Book (DTB) format.

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Download and install the Open XML to DAISY XML Translator

Download and install the add-in

Before you install the add-in, close all Office applications. Download the add-in from Open XML to DAISY XML Translator, and then follow the installation instructions on your screen.

Get additional information

When you install the add-in, the DAISY Translator folder is added to your Start menu with the Instruction Manual as well as a Getting Started tutorial. To access these documents, do the following:

  1. Click Start, and then click All Programs.
  2. Click DAISY Translator

Start menu showing Daisy files after installation

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Download a free reader

Before you can listen to the content you created, you need to install a free software playback tool (or software reader). There are several available for download on the DAISY web site: DAISY Software playback tools.

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Save As DAISY features

After you have installed the Office XML to DAISY XML Translator add-in, an Accessibility tab is added to the ribbon.

Save as DAISY Accessibility ribbon tab

To save your file as a DAISY XML file, do the following:

  1. On the Accessibility tab, in the Save as Daisy group, click Save as Daisy.

Save as Daisy Button drop-down menu

  1. Point to Full DAISY (from single docx), and then click Narrator-DtBookToDaisy.
  2. Give your work a title, choose where you want to save the finished files, and then click Translate.

Additional information about DAISY XML Translator, as well as a complete Instruction Guide, can be found at the DAISY Consortium web site.

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Applies to:
Word 2010