See a list of recent changes in a shared notebook

The Recent Edits tool helps you keep track of changes people have made in a shared notebook. You can use the tool to see a list of pages that changed over a set period of time.

  1. Click History > Recent Edits.
  2. Pick a date range you want to see edits for.

View recent edits to see changes in your notebooks

In the Search Results list on the right, each page with changes is highlighted, along with a list of the changes on each page.

The search results list the recent changes to a notebook

  1. To move from change to change, click a page title in the Search Results list. You can search and sort your list of changes in the Search Results list too.
  2. When you’re done reviewing the changes, click the close button in the upper-right corner of the Search Results list.

 Note    To see who made specific changes, you can show authors in a shared notebook.

Applies to:
OneNote 2013