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Break a text box link
Article You can break a link between any two linked text boxes that are part of a story . When you break a link in a story, you create two stories. Switch to print ...
Word 2003
Continue a story elsewhere with linked text boxes
Article If you anticipate a lot of changes to your text, it is recommended that you make your changes before you copy the text into the empty linked text boxes . Switc...
Word 2003
Copy or move linked text boxes
Article You can copy or move linked text boxes from one place in a Word 2003 document to another place in the document.
Word 2003
Delete a linked text box without deleting text
Article Switch to print layout view . Select a text box that's part of a story . To do this, move the pointer over the border of the text box until the pointer becom...
Word 2003
Level design set
PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2007...
Resize a logo or picture in a template
Article Show All Hide All In templates, graphics are often placed in text boxes (text box: A movable, resizable container for text or graphics. Use text boxes to positi...
Word 2003