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Demo: Distribute the contents of 1 cell across multiple cells
Article Play Demo Or download the demo. (You may experience a delay while the demo is loading.) Storing information, such as a full address, in one column can limit wha...
Excel 2007
Excel 2010: New Search Filter
Link This blog post introduces the new Search box built into the AutoFilter in Excel 2010 that makes filtering quicker and easier.
Excel 2007, Excel 2003
Filter by using advanced criteria
Article Use the The Advanced Filter to use complex criteria to filter a range in Excel 2007.
Excel 2007
Filter for unique values or remove duplicate values
Article Filter for unique values, remove duplicate values, and conditionally format unique or duplicate values in Excel 2007.
Excel 2007
Guidelines and examples for sorting and filtering data by color
Article Show All Hide All Sorting and filter ing data by color is an eagerly anticipated new feature in Microsoft Excel 2007. The following guidelines and examples can ...
Excel 2007
Guidelines for organizing and formatting data on a worksheet
Article Microsoft Office Excel has a number of features that make it easy to manage and analyze data. To take full advantage of these features, it is important that you...
Excel 2007
Sort data in a range or table
Article Sort data in Excel 2007 by numbers, text such as alphabetical order, dates, colors, icons, or by a custom list.
Excel 2007
Try Microsoft Office 2010
Link Give Microsoft Excel 2010 a spin by trying Office 2010 free for 60 days, or buy it now!
Watch this: Let the status bar do the work
Article If you select several cells containing numbers, Excel sums, averages, counts, and otherwise analyzes that data and shows you those results on its status bar.
Excel 2007