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About e-mail accounts
Article You can get the e-mail service you need by adding an e-mail account to Microsoft Outlook using the information provided to you by your administrator or Internet...
Outlook 2003
Choose e-mail accounts and folders to check for new items
Article You can send and receive messages from one, several, or all of your e-mail accounts automatically at specified intervals, or manually. When using an Offline Fol...
Outlook 2003
Connect Outlook to your Internet e-mail account
Article Applies to Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 Microsoft Outlook® 2002 You can use Outlook to send and receive e-mail messages with most Internet service provider (...
Outlook 2003
Create strong passwords
Link Read about how to make a stronger password.
Office 2013, Office 2010...
Demo: Got Exchange? See how to check
Article Watch the demo Have you ever tried to follow the steps in a Help topic, only to find that the command or menu being described isn't there? Some Outlook features...
Outlook 2003
Use a Windows Live Hotmail account in Outlook
Article The Outlook Connector enables two-way synchronization of email messages, calendar items, and contacts between Outlook 2003 and Windows Live Hotmail.
Outlook 2003
What is an Exchange Server e-mail account?
Article Important notice for users of Office 2003     To continue receiving security updates for Office, make sure you're running Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3) . The...
Outlook 2003
Work with POP3 messages on multiple computers
Article By default, when you download new messages on a POP3 e-mail account , the messages are deleted from the POP3 server. If you check your POP3 e-mail account fr...
Outlook 2003