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Archive items manually
Article Archive older Outlook 2007 items at any time to reduce the size of your Outlook Data File.
Outlook 2007
Back up Outlook data with the Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup tool
Article Show All Hide All The Personal Folders Backup tool provides a quick and easy way to back up the Outlook information of your choice to your hard disk or network ...
Outlook 2007
Deleting and expiring settings in AutoArchive explained
Article Show All Hide All You can change the settings and options to customize AutoArchive. However, the settings for expiring items and deleting items can be confusing...
Outlook 2007
Find and view archived items
Article Locate, open, retrieve, and then view your archived items and folders in Outlook 2007.
Outlook 2007
Introduction to AutoArchive in Outlook
Article AutoArchive helps to manage older messages and items by moving them to an archive file. Get more information on how it works and where items are saved.
Outlook 2007
KB 260217: Calendar items are not archived as expected
Link Items might not be archived as expected because the date that is used to determine when an item is archived depends on the type of item.
Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007...
Manage your mailbox IV: Archive old messages
Training Overview Use AutoArchive to move old messages to an Archive folder, automatically. After completing this course you will be able to: Set up Outlook to move...
Outlook 2007
Restore and view archived items
Article Restore and view messages and Outlook items that have been archived into an Archive Personal Folders (.pst) file.
Outlook 2007
Turn AutoArchive off or on
Article While AutoArchive is on by default, it can be turned off and turned back on again when required. Do any of the following: What do you want to do? Prevent AutoAr...
Outlook 2007