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Add and play sounds in a presentation
Article Add sound (audio) to a PowerPoint 2007 presentation.
PowerPoint 2007
Change or delete a sound
Article To change a sound, you must first delete the existing sound on your slide, and then add the new sound. Delete a sound Click the slide that contains the sound th...
PowerPoint 2007
Compatible multimedia file formats
Article Show All Hide All The tables below show the audio and video file formats that you can use in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. If you do not see a file format l...
PowerPoint 2007
Copy a presentation to a CD, network, or local disk drive
Article When you copy your Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 presentation to a CD, a network, or a local disk drive on your computer, Microsoft Office PowerPoint View...
Outlook 2007, PowerPoint 2007
Embedded and linked sound files in a presentation
Article Play embedded and linked sounds (audio) in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation.
PowerPoint 2007
My sound doesn't play
Article Show All Hide All  Important    There are many reasons why your sound file may not play. Below is a list of common problems and some things to check. If you do ...
PowerPoint 2007
Play a sound continuously for one or more slides
Article Show All Hide All To repeat a sound until you stop it, or to play it for the duration of a presentation, you need to specify the stop options or set the sound t...
PowerPoint 2007
Turn off or delete the narration
Article Turning off the narration does not delete the narration from your presentation — it only prevents the narration from playing. To permanently delete the narratio...
PowerPoint 2007