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Video: Ribbon highlights In SharePoint 2010
Video The ribbon is a new command interface that brings many SharePoint controls out from hiding and onto the page where they can do the most good. Similar to the UI ...
SharePoint Foundation 2010 , SharePoint Server 2010
Video: Overview of PerformancePoint dashboard elements
Video Take a tour of a PerformancePoint dashboard and its various elements. Learn about Web Parts, filters, page navigation, and report types. See how you can do some...
SharePoint Server 2010
Video: What’s New in PerformancePoint Dashboards
Video Watch this video to see some of the new features in PerformancePoint dashboards. You’ll learn about new report views, including analytic pie charts and the Deco...
PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer, SharePoint Server 2010
Video: Use tags and notes to share information with colleagues
Video This video shows you how to use tags and notes to track or share information, or to receive updates when colleagues find or update information.
SharePoint Server 2010
Video: Open a PerformancePoint Web Part in a new window
Video Learn how to open a PerformancePoint Web Part in a new window, explore some of the things you can do in the new window, and how to close the window when you are...
SharePoint Server 2010
Video: Export a PerformancePoint report or scorecard to PowerPoint
Video Learn how to export a report or scorecard from a PerformancePoint dashboard to Microsoft PowerPoint, and learn some tips and tricks for working with the report ...
SharePoint Server 2010
Video: Print a PerformancePoint dashboard or Web Part
Video Learn how to print a PerformancePoint dashboard or a Web Part, such as a scorecard, analytic grid, or pie chart. Find out how to make adjustments in Print Previ...
SharePoint Server 2010
Videos: SharePoint in Education
Article In the world of education, SharePoint is used internationally to create a platform where teachers, students, and parents can share information. Also, school adm...
SharePoint Server 2010
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