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Add or delete pages
Article When you add or delete pages, you'll need to be working on the foreground of your publication. If you're not, click the Close Master Page button on the Master P...
Publisher 2010
Find, create, or change a template in Publisher
Article A catalog of templates to choose from to create a publication is what you will see when you first start Microsoft Publisher 2010. To create a publication, selec...
Publisher 2010
Inserting Hyperlinks
Article Show All Hide All A hyperlink is a link to a publication. When the link is clicked, the linked destination opens. The destination is frequently another Web page...
Publisher 2010
Business Information, Design Checker, and Commercial Print Settings
Article Show All Hide All The Backstage view of Microsoft Publisher 2010 includes information about the Business Information , Design Checker , and Commercial Print Set...
Publisher 2010
Submit your Building Blocks
Article With Microsoft Publisher 2010, you can submit building blocks that you create directly from Publisher 2010. If you create a building block that you think fills ...
Publisher 2010
Use building blocks to quickly create a publication
Article Building blocks are reusable pieces of content such as business information, headings, calendars, borders, and advertisements. You can use the pre-built buildin...
Publisher 2013, Publisher 2010
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