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Use typographic styles to increase the impact of your publication
Article Microsoft Publisher 2010 delivers new tools that help you transform ordinary text into fine typography. Use the stylistic sets, stylistic alternates, true s...
Publisher 2010
Clear Formatting
Article You can use the Clear Formatting button to quickly remove all formatting on selected text. Select the text that you has formatting you want to clear. In the Fon...
Publisher 2010
Embed fonts in a publication to ensure their availability
Article Show All Hide All Embedding the fonts in your publication is one of the best ways to ensure that a font is always available, even if you move the publication to...
Publisher 2010
Substitute the missing fonts in your publication
Article Show All Hide All If a publication contains fonts that are neither on your computer nor embedded (font embedding: To insert a font into the publication. Once th...
Publisher 2010
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