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View your profile by using privacy categories
Article By using privacy settings on your My Site profile page, you can manage which groups of people can view some details in your profile. This topic describes how to...
SharePoint Server 2010
Manage the information you share through your My Site and profile
Article This article describes ways that you share information through your My Site and profile, and it provides some steps to help you manage the amount of information...
SharePoint Server 2010
Edit personal details in your profile
Article Your My Site profile is a way to track and share information about yourself, such as your responsibilities and interests. If you are following colleagues, some ...
SharePoint Server 2010
Getting started with your My Site
Article You can use your My Site to share information and connect with other people to build your professional network. This article describes some key features, and pr...
SharePoint Server 2010
Add new colleagues and manage your colleague list
Article You can add people to your colleagues list, manage your colleagues by using groups, and restrict who can see them. In this article Overview Add a new colleague ...
SharePoint Server 2010
Build a My Site profile to help people find you
Article Creating a rich My Site profile helps people find you. When you add profile details that highlight your expertise and interests, you improve the likelihood of b...
SharePoint Server 2010
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