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Lay out an InfoPath 2010 form
Article While it is easy to design a basic form with text and controls to collect data, a small amount of extra effort can help you design good-looking forms that are a...
InfoPath 2010
Overview of form templates and modes
Article Microsoft InfoPath 2010 Designer enables you to design a variety of forms that can be filled out in a Web browser and InfoPath Filler. To start designing an Inf...
InfoPath 2010
Customize a SharePoint list form
Article With Microsoft InfoPath 2010, you can customize the forms used for creating and editing items in a SharePoint list. By default, when creating or editing items, ...
InfoPath 2010
Introduction to designing a form in InfoPath 2010
Article InfoPath offers options to enable you to create forms for collecting information from users or displaying information from a data source. This article takes you...
InfoPath 2010
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