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Animations and transitions
Training Add animations and transitions using PowerPoint 2010. Animate slides, text, bullets, pictures, charts, and shapes. Learn how to add animations to all slides. Pl...
PowerPoint 2010
Set the timing and speed of a transition
Article You can modify the duration of a transition, modify the transition effect, and even specify a sound to play during a transition. Also, you can specify the time ...
PowerPoint 2010
Change or remove transitions between slides
Article You can change slide transitions, set different properties or timings for transitions, and remove slide transitions from the slides in your presentation. Not...
PowerPoint 2010
Add, change, or remove transitions between slides
Article Add transitions between slides Slide transitions are motion effects that occur in Slide Show view when you move from one slide to the next during a presentation...
PowerPoint 2010
Set the speed and timing of transitions
Article You can set the timing of a transition between PowerPoint slides, including when they start and how fast they go.
PowerPoint 2013
Add or remove transitions between slides
Article Slides that snap from one to the next can be jarring to an audience. If you want the pace of your presentation to feel more controlled and flowing, add transiti...
PowerPoint 2013
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