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Add or remove a bookmark for audio and video clips
Article You can add bookmarks to indicate time points of interest in a video or audio clip. Use bookmarks as a way to trigger animations or to jump to a specific locati...
PowerPoint 2010
Trim an audio clip
Article You can trim audio at the beginning and end of each clip. Perhaps, a narration discusses a subject that is not pertinent to the message of your audio clip or yo...
PowerPoint 2010
Optimize the media in your presentation for compatibility
Article The Optimize Compatibility command in PowerPoint will help you to resolve playback issues. Resolve issues so media will play without fail To avoid playback is...
PowerPoint 2010
Compress your media files
Article You can improve playback performance and save disk space by compressing your media files. Open the presentation that contains the audio or video files. On the ...
PowerPoint 2010
Set an audio file to play automatically
Article Follow this procedure to play an audio file automatically when you introduce a slide. These instructions delay the play time by a half a second so it appears th...
PowerPoint 2010
Add audio to your presentation
Article Add audio to your Presentation
PowerPoint 2010
Delete an audio clip
Article To delete one or more audio clips, do the following for each one: Locate the slide that contains the audio clip that you want to delete. In Normal view, click ...
PowerPoint 2010
Turn off or delete the narration
Article Turning off the narration does not delete the narration from your presentation — it only preven ts the narration from playing. Deleting the narration permanent...
PowerPoint 2010
Add and play sounds in a presentation
Article You can add audio, such as music, narration, sound bites, and more to your presentations to add emphasis. In this article Overview of adding audio clips Add an ...
PowerPoint 2010
Record and add narration and timings to a slide show
Article Learn to record a narration before or during your slide show, record comments on a slide, and control slide timings.
PowerPoint 2010
Trim a music or sound clip
Article Cut away audio that you don't want at the beginning or end of a sound clip.
PowerPoint 2013
Turn off or hide media controls in Slide Show view
Article While delivering your presentation, you can hide the media controls so they don't display.
Add a sound effect to a hyperlink
Article Apply a sound to a hyperlink, so that it plays when you click the link.
PowerPoint 2013
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