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Apply multiple themes to a presentation
Article If you want to use more than one theme in your presentation, you'll need to create multiple slide masters.
PowerPoint 2010
Apply a theme to add color and style to your presentation
Article By default, PowerPoint applies the plain, Office theme to new presentations. To apply a different theme, click the Design tab and choose a new theme.
PowerPoint 2010
What is a theme?
Article A theme is a set of design elements, including backgrounds, colors, and fonts, that give your presentation a professionally designed feel.
PowerPoint 2010
Understand the difference between PowerPoint templates and themes
Article Use themes to give your presentation a visually consistent appearance. Use templates (.potx files) to create boilerplate presentations that can be reused later.
PowerPoint 2010
Customize and save a theme in PowerPoint 2010
Article Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 provides several standard, prebuilt themes. Find a standard theme that has a look that you like, and then modify it by changing the co...
PowerPoint 2010
Remove or change the current theme
Article To change the theme for your presentation, click the Design tab. In the Themes group, click the theme you want to apply.
PowerPoint 2010
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