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Add words to your spell check dictionary
Article In Office, you can add words, such as proper names or technical terms, to custom dictionaries so that they aren't marked as misspelled.
Access 2013, Excel 2013...
Check spelling and grammar
Article Spell check your document all at once or automatically as you type. Follow the steps to check spelling and grammar as well as fix mistakes in Office 2010.
Access 2010, Excel 2010...
Automatically correct spelling with words from the main dictionary
Article See how to add an exception to the spelling in the main dictionary in Office.
Outlook 2013, Publisher 2013...
Recheck the spelling and grammar that you previously checked and chose to ignore
Article Force Word and Outlook to recheck the spelling and grammar that you chose to ignore on a previous spell and grammar pass.
Outlook 2013, Word 2013...
Test your document's readability
Article See how to test the readability of your Outlook item or Word document.
Outlook 2013, Word 2013...
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