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Project management goal: Communicate project information
Article Communication is the most critical element of project success or failure. Fortunately, communicating project information has become much easier with Project 201...
Project 2010
Sync with a SharePoint tasks list
Article Sync a project with a SharePoint list so that changes in one are reflected in the other--without Project Web App.
Project Pro for Office 365, Project Professional 2013
Plans within plans: master projects and subprojects
Article Include impacts on leveling from Analyzeit data Projects can get of hand quickly. Before you know it, a simple building project becomes a collage of smaller pro...
Project 2010
Use Project with SharePoint
Article With Microsoft Project Professional 2010, you can create a project task list and then sync the task list to a list on a SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint Fou...
Project 2010
Add a note to a task, resource, or project
Article To include additional or supporting information, you can add a note to a task , resource , assignment , or the entire project. You can also include a file, such...
Project 2010
Use Twitter, Facebook and other social media to help manage projects and teams
Article There is more to ensuring the success of a project than collecting actuals and checking for resource overallocations. Putting faces on the people assigned to th...
Project 2010, Project 2007...
Connect (log on) to Project Server
Article You can log on toProject Server 2010 from two places: Project Professional 2010      If you connect in this manner, you can manage enterprise projects within Pr...
Project 2010, Project Server 2010
Add notes to a task or to the project schedule
Article Add a note to a task, to a person working on a task, or to the entire project. adding notes allow you do document the activities and deliverables of a project.
Project Professional 2013, Project Standard 2013
Link or embed Excel data into Project
Article You can insert data from Microsoft Office Excel into Microsoft Project as a linked object that will be updated dynamically by changes made in the source file. Y...
Project 2010
Project management goal: Work with multiple projects
Article Managing multiple projects is a juggling act; managing multiple projects with intertwined dependencies can be a nightmare. Project 2010 provides tools to help y...
Project 2010
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