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Learn to narrow your search criteria for better searches in Outlook
Article Refine your search criteria with these helpful examples to find items in Outlook.
Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010...
Find a message or item by using Instant Search
Article Locate Outlook 2007 email messages or the text within them, search by attachments, flagged items, or properties.
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2007 Best Practices: Find that message!
Article Locate an Outlook message, regardless of folder location, based on sender or whether there is a file attachment.
Outlook 2007
Instant Search is not finding items
Article Resolve common Instant Search problems in Outlook 2007, including indexing your data files, and rebuilding your indexes in Windows XP or Windows 7.
Outlook 2007
Use Search Folders to gather messages marked as Important
Article By using Search Folders , you can quickly find all messages for which the level of importance is set to Importance: High, irrespective of the folder in which t...
Outlook 2007
Can I remove the Instant Search pane?
Article You cannot remove the Instant Search pane from the Microsoft Office Outlook window. If you want to create more space in your message list or other Outlook view...
Outlook 2007
Turn Instant Search on or off
Article Instant Search in Outlook 2007 helps you find Outlook items, including messages, attachments, contacts, and calendar items.
Outlook 2007
Turn off the prompt for installing Windows Desktop Search
Article To avoid being prompted to install Windows Desktop Search each time you open Outlook, do the following: On the Tools menu, click Options . Click Other , and...
Outlook 2007
Reset indexing by rebuilding your Instant Search catalog
Article When Instant Search can't find an item in Outlook 2007 try resetting the indexing feature in Windows Vista or Windows 7.
Outlook 2007
Master your e-mail in Outlook 2007
Article 2007 Microsoft Office System Inside Out Edited By John Pierce The expert authors of this book have decades of experience among them. Each author has contributed...
Outlook 2007
Create a Search Folder
Article Create Search Folders in Outlook 2007 that enable you to find email messages and other items matching specified criteria across multiple folders.
Outlook 2007
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