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Change audio or video recording settings
Article If the quality of your recordings in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 does not meet your expectations, you can adjust the default audio and video settings. On th...
OneNote 2007
Play back an audio or video recording
Article On the page that contains the audio or video recording that you want to play back, do the following: Click the icon next to the notes to see or hear the portion...
OneNote 2007
Record an audio or video clip
Article Audio and video recordings that you make in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 are directly linked to any notes you take when the recording is made. This lets you...
OneNote 2007
Record audio and video notes
Article Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 enables you to record audio and video clips as you take notes. To record audio, you need a microphone. Most current models of la...
OneNote 2007
The audio and video Tuning Wizard is unavailable in OneNote 2007
Article Applies to Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 Symptoms On computers running Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 on any edition of Windows Vista, the Tuning Wizard butt...
OneNote 2007
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