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Browse recently viewed notes
Article On the Standard toolbar, do any of the following: To open the last page that you viewed, click Back . To open the page that you viewed before clicking Bac...
OneNote 2007
Find recently written notes
Article Do the following: On the View menu, click Pages Sorted By Date . In the Page List task pane, select Date in the Sort list by list. In the Search list...
OneNote 2007
Tips for searching notes
Article To get the best results when searching your notes, consider the following tips: Use quotation marks to find an exact phrase  To search for an exact phrase, encl...
OneNote 2007
Search for notes
Article Note If your notebook contains password-protected sections and you want to search for notes in those sections, you must enter the passwords for those sect...
OneNote 2007
Search and find notes
Article One of the main advantages of using Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 instead of traditional notebooks is its ability to quickly search through all of the inform...
OneNote 2007
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